Custom Flexible Coaxial Cable

KKS Series Flexible Coaxial Cable

Replaces RG 405 and RG402

Electrical Characteristics KF 402RG402KF405RG405
Impedance Ohms50505050
Capacitance pf/ft29.429.429.429.4
Velocity of Propagation69.469.469.469.4

Physical CharacteristicsKF 402RG402KF405RG405
Center conductor diameter0.0370.0370.020.02
Dielectric Diameter 0.1170.1170.0640.064
Inner shield Diameter 0.128N/A0.071N/A
Outer shield Diameter 0.1410.1410.0850.085
Overall Diameter0.1630.1410.1040.085

Cut-off frequency33 Ghz36 Ghz40 Ghz40 Ghz

Comparison between KF series and Semi-rigid Cable

KF Series:  Inner shield - round wire silver plated copper braid

                                                           Outer Shield - Flat strip plated basket weave

                                                           Jacket- blue colored FEP

                                                           Center Conductor – solid silver plated copper weld

                                                           Dielectric- solid PTFE

                                                           Shielding effectiveness > 110db Max Attenuation (db/100ft)