Lower loss than modified RG cables : Superior Shielding Effectiveness

Stable Loss VSWR and Phase vs. Flexing : Superior Connectors for Mechanical Strength

Low Loss Cables provide the ultimate performance in a flexible cable. The Micro-Porous PTFE tape dielectric provides the lowest dielectric loss while supporting a silver plated copper conductor.

The tape dielectric and outer jacket is PTFE allowing for usage in both high and low temperature (+200 to –65 degrees C ).The higher temperature cable assemblies are able to handle higher power than their lower rated counterparts.

The Strip flex outer conductor design consisting of a basket weaved silver plated flat ribbon as the first outer conductor, overlapped by a spirally composite aluminum tape separating the two outer shields. The final shield is a round silver plated wire braid.  All covered by an FEP colored Jacket.

The flat ribbon basket weave shield accounts for a 30% lower loss and a >95 db shielding compared to standard RG round braided cables.

All this attention to the braiding process results in a cable assembly that is electrically stable and will out perform any other of compatible size

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